Why Choose SRB?

cropped-img_0432.jpgA Catholic education at St. Robert Bellarmine is truly an investment in your child’s future. Students receive an excellent academic foundation that prepares them to be lifelong learners, ready to face any challenge they may meet—but it is about much more than that. An education at St. Robert Bellarmine also provides students with a community, values, and meaningful traditions that can enrich them throughout their lives. There are many reasons to choose St. Robert Bellarmine School for your child’s education:

“Instead of pursuing gifted or magnet programs in the public schools, we decided to enroll our children at St. Robert Bellarmine. It’s not just about what they learn, it’s about who they become. SRB has provided a challenging academic environment for them plus a great community for all of us.” — Parent of four SRB students

St. Robert Bellarmine School is a vibrant, sustainable and evolving education community.  We have strong enrollment and we also have strong financial leadership to guide us as we continue to build on our 84-year track record.

We have a highly qualified and dedicated faculty with lay teachers and religious sisters, many with advanced degrees and certifications.

• Catholic schools in general are known for strong academics. St. Robert Bellarmine in particular has very high academic standards, with academic performance that is well above national averages year after year.

Our curriculum provides an excellent academic foundation with Superkids for young readers, an accelerated math program culminating in 9th grade Algebra I in 8th grade, accelerated reading, a hands-on, inquiry-based science program, and more.

Individual student needs are addressed via our accelerated programs for students who are ready for more challenging material, as well as a Title 1 and Resource teachers for students who need extra support. Curriculum is differentiated to meet the needs of students at all levels.

• Students are taught to see themselves and others as distinct individuals blessed in unique ways. Our curriculum and faculty help students to recognize and develop their unique talents so that they can flourish and contribute to society.

Community service and social justice are part of the culture of our school. Students participate in activities that help them learn about and contribute to the world around them. Our Patron Saint, St. Robert Bellarmine, was a Jesuit Priest, Theologian and a Doctor of the Church. We strive to live a commitment to education and service following the example of the Jesuit motto of “educating women and men for others.”

• We have a dedicated, collaborative community of parents/guardians, faculty, and staff that work together to create a nurturing environment with high standards for academics and for conduct.

We are a welcoming and diverse community. We have many students who are Catholic, of course, but also have students from other traditions whose families realize the benefit of choosing a values-based education at SRB. This provides opportunities for all students to expand their worldview and develop an understanding of others.

“We want to help young people develop as individuals who will be a gift to their community. In order for them to be that, they have to learn how to be good thinkers and communicators. Our curriculum supports that goal.” — Sr. Mary Lou Stoffel, Principal Emeritus