Academic Achievement

A St. Robert Bellarmine education prepares students for challenging work in high school and beyond. Students are accepted into high schools such as Fenwick, Guerin, Loyola Academy, Notre Dame, Resurrection, St. Ignatius, St. Patrick, Trinity, and top-tier public high schools. Many receive scholarships based on their academic performance and go on to excel in AP level classes.

“We find St. Robert’s graduates to be very well prepared for the challenges of high school.”

— Dr. Joseph Schmidt, Principal, St. Patrick High School

Test scores at St. Robert Bellarmine are well above national averages year after year, and also show that we are meeting the needs of all of our students.

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“Kids that read have better vocabulary and have more at their fingertips. I want students to be lifelong learners. I also enjoy teaching with a bit of humor—it’s a great way not only to learn, but cope with life in general.”

-Ursula Kunath, Honors Reading teacher