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Seventh grade students used their observational drawing skills and a grid technique to copy a magazine photo.


Our VIP Club Membership and Raffle is coming back! Tickets will be sold outdoors the weekends of April 18th through May 9th (weather permitting). Tickets cost $25 each and 13 winners will be drawn each month! Prizes range from $50 to $500, for a total of $1,450 per month. The first drawing will take place July 18, 2021 and will run through June 12, 2022. Questions? Email SRBVIPRaffle@gmail.com.

Seventh grade has been looking at how prostheses are made, materials that are used to replace heart valves, and how people without limbs adapt and overcome challenges. To see what bioengineers go through, the students have been making and testing their own heart valves and bones!

Kindergarten makes beautiful art just in time for spring.

Third grade scientists created a lever and talked about parts of a simple machine like levers and fulcrums. They tested the component of weight held in this simple machine (pan balance).

science fair

Congrats to our three state finalists for the Science Fair!

PreK students learn best when they’re moving.


Congrats to Mrs. Kunath’s sixth grade honor roll students!

Mr. Pickett’s sixth grade class learned about Ancient Egyptian gods, goddesses, and Pharaohs by making Ancient Egypt versions of board games! Students put their knowledge of mummification to use by mummying dolls, stuffed animals or action figures. Others designed and built tombs or temples to Pharaohs and gods and goddesses.

Preschool students enjoy some sunshine and our learning garden. Play is a great form of learning!

SRB Yogis! Gym class includes a unit on yoga. Namaste.

confirmation boys

Members of our 2021 Confirmation class with some of their proud teachers.

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Seventh graders prepare to celebrate Confirmation by making beautiful stained glass art projects honoring their chosen saint.

Third graders conducted a science experiment on force by observing the motion of a ball. The first time, they rolled the ball. The second time they bounced it and the third time, they had to roll it and bounce it off the wall. For each roll, they measured in inches the distance from their target. Finally, they wrote a reflection on what they thought would happen and what did happen!

Sixth grade studies Pangea, a giant land mass that existed millions of years ago before the continents split up into what we know today.

Check out these sixth graders performing a body percussion dance as part of our Fine Arts program! We are so lucky to have Sr. Pachas teach these fun dances to our students.


Our second grade students are learning vegetables vocabulary in Spanish. One student wrote it in Polish, too! TRILINGUAL! Studying Spanish is helping her to remember and understand multiple languages.

Fourth grade is studying past presidents. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln stashed his mail, bankbook, and important papers in his stovepipe hat? Or that James Madison served a new dish at his inauguration that most people had never tasted before? It was ice cream!

Our sixth grade students made tin foil figures in Mrs. Bucher’s art class, where they have been learning about figure drawing, proportions, and figures in action. We are always amazed by their creativity!

Third grade entered the season of Lent last week with Ashes for Ash Wednesday and creating a Lenten flower. In reading, they explored some of the hottest, coldest, highest, and deepest places around the world. In science, students discussed states of matter, physical properties of matter, and chemical changes.

We love showing off our talented students’ artwork! They brighten up our hallways during these cold winter days.

Our second graders are working hard to write personal stories with details about the setting and characters. They are also practicing their reading comprehension by putting story events in order. They enjoyed having extra time to read on Drop Everything and Read Day as part of Catholic Schools Week.


Mrs. Rodriguez works with some of our sixth graders on a 100th day activity: pipe-cleaner 100-themed glasses!

Our school counselor, Ms. Dall, has been teaching a series of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons to Mrs. Schroeder’s 4th-grade class. These key relationship skills include forming positive friendships, empathy, and effectively dealing with conflict. Students came up with “the keys to being a good friend.” They also came up with their own ideas on how to resolve conflict in different social situations.

food donations

Thank you to all our school families who donated to our food drive for the Mission of Our Lady of the Angels. This is only a portion – we donated 19 large boxes and 3 giant bags of food!

Seventh grade blowing off some steam during Get Up and Dance day, as part of Catholic Schools Week!

Mr. Pickett’s sixth grade class got into the spirit of Catholic Schools Week, helping gather canned goods for our food drive and relaxing by the “fire” and reading during our PJ and Books Day.

First grade learned about New Year’s resolutions and set goals for 2021. They also have been working on contractions, counting money, and discussing the difference between needs and wants. Important lessons for life!

Seventh graders working on a science lab where they simulated natural selection by eating Cheerios with different types of forks! Creative lessons keep our students engaged and learning.

Fourth graders made a snowman with spirit wear. The perfect accessory for everyone!

Thanks to these students who helped shovel our walkways this afternoon. Way to put your SRB values to work!

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Seventh graders competed in the virtual science fair on the 21st of January. Each student was judged three times, and our top four students will be moving on to regionals. This year the regional competition will be held virtually in March. These students will be competing against 6th-12th graders who also attend private schools in the Chicagoland area.

jesus zoom

A creative eighth grader imagines what it would be like to Zoom with Jesus…

Fearless Cooking EventsFearless Cooking Event Registration Form

Preschool did an amazing job these past two weeks during remote learning. We learned about the Arctic, studied the letter M, Thanked God for all that he has given us including our families, food, and animals, and reviewed the number 4. During our second week, we made snowflakes, a snowman, and a winter hat. The students also learned about the letter N, the number 5, and Thanked God for our uniqueness.

During our eLearning weeks following Christmas Break, PreK learned about the number 15, letter P, and read the story of the Gingerbread Man.

K zooming

Our Kindergarten students are doing a great job eLearning with the rest of the school this week. In religion, students read the story of the blind beggar and colored the words “Thank You, God!”, which is what the beggar said to Jesus.


Happy eLearning students! Glad to have you back virtually on Monday, January 4 and we hope you had a great break.

Happy New Year! School counselor, Ms. Dall, taught our students about mindfulness as a way to help deal with stress and regain focus by becoming fully present in the moment. Many mindfulness practices focus on deep breathing or activities that help us to feel calm and at peace. How can YOU be more mindful and present in 2021?

Second graders make snowmen out of gym equipment!

Mr. Pickett’s students make storyboards showing off what they learned comparing Advent and Christmas to other festivals of light from different cultures around the world, like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, and Santa Lucia Day (St Lucy Day).

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… at SRB! Our annual Christmas door decorating contest is always a battle. This year, first grade won for the junior building and seventh grade won for the senior building.


Our preK classroom is now Santa’s Workshop!

Third grade tunes in to the last school Mass virtually and wishes their classmates the Sign of Peace!

pageant prep

Our annual Christmas pageant may look different this year, but the students are still having fun with it! Thanks to Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Schroeder for keeping this time-honored tradition alive at SRB.


Student-made entries for our Christmas Ornament Decorating Contest! Congrats to Keira and Henry for your winning ornaments!

Sticker Order Form

Mrs. Maki sets up an obstacle course outside to keep our preschoolers moving!

Seventh graders cut out snowflakes to help deck the halls.

Habitat Brochures

Third grade made brochures for different destinations while learning about geography and different habitats.

seventh cleaners

Everyone pitches in to keep people safe! Seventh graders wipe down Chrome books after use