Sports Forms & Handbooks

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Our sports schedule has been paused due to COVID19. Please check back for details. 

For Players
Parents must fill out the participation form, concussion information form, and sports physical form or your child will not be able to participate in the sport.

1. If this is your child’s first sport this school year, a participation form must be submitted:
Sports Participant Form 2019-20

2. Review and complete IESA required forms:
Concussion Form
Sports Physical Form

3. Complete the registration form for the sport that your child would like to play:

For Sports Board Members
Volunteer Board Officer Form

Sports Handbooks
Coaches Handbook
Parent Handbook

Student Athlete Handbook

For Coaches
If you would like to apply to coach a Bruins team, please complete the
Coach Application.
If you would like to protest the interpretation of a game ruling,
use the Protest Form.

Other Forms
If you feel that if a Code of Conduct issue has occurred during a game, please complete a Grievance Form.

Contact the Sports Board via email or through the school office at 773-725-5133.