The SRB Early Childhood Program is designed to provide a literacy-rich child-centered environment that meets the academic, emotional and social needs of all children.  The Preschool and Pre K classes incorporate math, reading and school readiness skills into the daily schedule. Hands-on, play-oriented learning experiences provide the foundation for academic success and strengthen self-esteem and social skills. The religion curriculum is also an integral part of the program. Preschoolers learn kindness and consideration of others as concepts of Christianity.

Children must be three (PK3) or four years old (PK4) by September 1st and toilet trained.

We have flexible full-time and part-time options for 3 and 4 year olds where you can choose the days that work best for your family.
Half Day Program (8–11:30am)
Full Day Program (8am–2:50pm)

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“Each child is a gift from God. We encourage a child’s natural love of learning. Once they develop a desire to explore and learn, that enthusiasm for learning carries over to the upper grades.” — Molly McHugh, Preschool Teacher